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There are a huge number of resources available for personal prayer, Bible study, and Christian formation. Here are a few we recommend.

Summer Sermon Series

Landing On the Wrong Side of Power

Bible Reading

The Bible with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel (this used to be called the Bible in one year but they changed the name) – read or listen in One Year along with commentary- app and website This is also available as a Youth version and Express Version

Read the Bible in One Year 5 Days a week: the plan can be printed in various formats, and languages – download schedule

Read or listen to the bible at Bible Gateway online


9 Apps to Help us Pray – put together by The Revd. Jessica Shaap


You may purchase books etc from Amazon.ca for delivery direct to you using any of these links. We receive a small commission which goes towards church funds for any Amazon purchases made after clicking on one of these links. This includes other almost all items sold by Amazon on the site.

We have a selection of books available at the church bookshop and we can deliver these to anyone who is self-isolating and stuck at home in Maple Ridge. Get in touch using the contact form if you’d like to buy one. A few highlights include:

Anxious for Nothing – Max Lucado

The Cost of Discipleship – Bonhoeffer

Large Print Paperback NIV Bible

Ten – J. John on the Ten Commandments

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey

A Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – Fee & Stuart

How to Read the Bible book by book – a great concise commentary of the whole bible.

Simply Christian – Tom Wright

Mark – Tom Wright

5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing – Max Lucado

After You Believe – N.T. Wright

The Message Bible – Eugene Peterson

Jonah 2 Sermon Resources

If you would like to methodically pray through the Psalms consider Eugene Peterson’s Book:  “Praying with the Psalms: A Year of Daily Prayers and Reflections”.

For Children – The Action Bible

Recommended Books for Alpha


Praise 106.5 FM offers hope and encouragement through Christian music for all the family and you can also listen online or their app.

Our Spring Worship Playlist is on our Youtube Channel


The Bible Project. Visit The Bible Project for more great teaching videos.