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Online Donations to St George Maple Ridge

Thank you for giving to support our work as a church. You can make a donation online here by card. You can choose to give to specific funds or ministries in the drop down box. Where it says “Give this one time” you can use the drop-down box to make it a regular gift if you’d like to. You can change this any time by logging in to our Breeze system.

You are able to view all of your contributions and manage regular giving by logging in to our Breeze system. We issue a tax receipt for donations over $20 by email each February.

How much should I give?

We encourage the simple principle of tithing, which means giving the first 10% of before tax income to the church’s ministry. Find my Tithe has a handy calculator to work out how much this is weekly/monthly.

Giving Pledge Response Form

It helps us with our budget process if you can complete a giving pledge form once each year. Please download the PDF below, and either mail, drop off or scan and send to us. If you’d like someone to chat with you about your giving please send us a message.

Giving from a Bank Account

Many people choose to give through a regular monthly pre-authorized debit from a bank account. If you are interested in giving this way it’s really easy to set up. There’s a short form to download and sign and we will need a scan of a void cheque from the account you wish to debit. Please email or mail the completed PAD form, Giving form (so we know which funds you are giving to) and a void cheque.

Why should we give and how much? Take a look at this talk…