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2024 Vision Process

2024 Vision Process

We have discussed at Parish Council the plan to refresh the church vision and produce a plan that looks ahead for the next 2, 5 and 10 years. It is always hard to predict exactly how the future will play out in the life of the church, however having some kind of roadmap is key to ensure that we don’t simply drift along. Broadly speaking, we intend to keep the existing Vision, Values and Culture document and make changes to individual areas where necessary. This process needs to ensure that we capture any new energy and changes of direction as well as any areas that are not working that need to be changed or removed. We may look to start new ministries and conclude existing ministries.

Engagement Process 

Sermons and Lifegroups will have three focus weeks commencing January 14, 21, 28 to invite thinking and discernment around our church vision. The broad outline is as follows:

Jan 14 – Purpose: What’s the Purpose of the Church?

Jan 21 – Place: What’s our calling as St George’s located in this exact place

Jan 28 – Preparation: How are we equipped for whole-life discipleship 24/7  

Then there will be a wrap-up week in church, which is not followed by a Lifegroup session.

Feb 4 – Prayer: Listening to God’s Voice Together

Group Feedback

For lifegroups there will be videos and discussion and group feedback will be noted down on feedback forms. For those not in a lifegroup there will be a single session to look at the three areas with facilitators to invite the discussion and again responses will be noted down.

Discernment in Church Services  

Time will be given during the four weeks to discern and respond and vision boards will be available for people to add their thoughts to. This will take place during services and be available on other days as the church is open for prayer as well. There will be a particular focus on listening in the context of prayer in the last week (Feb 4). 

Individual Responses by Early February

The congregation will be sent a survey asking for specific details around the resources available  to support the vision. How much time, talent and treasure is needed, for example? What skills and gifts do we have that we are willing to share? This will help us understand how the vision we aspire towards can match the reality of what we can  commit to.

Analysis  Early February

The Rector, Wardens and Parish council will take time to pray, sift and discern the surveys, responses and feedback.

Compilation of the Draft Vision Mid-February

The Rector will be charged with putting the results together in document form, which will be shared with parish council for approval before being shared with the Vestry list. 

Approval of Vision late February

Subject to any changes at the annual meeting the Vestry will approve the vision.

Next Steps starting March

The newly elected parish council will be responsible for taking steps outlined in the vision document and putting the plans into practice.