23500 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 3L8. Tel: 604 463 9622


We are here to Live and Share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Built on Jesus Christ, our Cornerstone, we are shaped by these two verses of scripture:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV

Jesus said “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV

Our Cultural Values shape the way we live out our vision:

  • Growing Community of welcome and care
  • Encouraging Disciples in gratitude, in faith, to take risks.
  • Taking Ownership with everyone playing our part in the Body of Christ.
  • Consistent Excellence in all we do, taking care of the details, for the Glory of God.

In the next four years we will work towards being a church that:

  • Grows to fill the building we have been blessed with
  • Offers Family Friendly worship
  • Equips people to Live out the good news of Jesus Christ- adults, children and youth growing as disciples in the whole of our lives
  • Shares the good news of our faith in Jesus Christ

When Jesus said he came to bring life to the full, he was speaking about a spiritual fullness in the whole of life and not a diary full of church activities. St George’s will be a place where people can worship God, can meet with Christ, and can be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit. We will do a handful of things together, and do them as best as we can, so that we can go out as people of the gospel to live and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in those places where God has placed us already.

St George’s Commitment – Our Building Blocks

Everything we do together – as the whole people of God – begins with individuals being committed to be part of St George’s. There are four building blocks to this commitment.

  • Worship Weekly – Coming to a church service for worship, prayer, scripture, teaching and being equipped for our lives as whole-life disciples.
  • Lifegroups – Being part of a Lifegroup, for bible study, prayer, care and friendship.
  • Serving – Being involved in one ministry area.
  • Giving – Regular and committed giving in response to God’s generosity to us.

What are we going to do?

Here’s an outline sketch of some of the things we are going to be doing…

Fill the Church!

  • Our present building was opened in 1990 and has capacity for around 250 people, so we are seeking to grow to fill the space we have.
  • We will establish a welcome team to work on the layout and design of the Narthex space.
  • We will establish a hospitality team to look after refreshments after services and for events.
  • Sermons and services will follow appropriate teaching themes to our church and its people.
  • Annual Alpha courses will run in the fall to help people explore questions of life and faith.
  • We will emphasize prayer in the life of the church.
  • We will affirm the work of the Holy Spirit in our church through worship, teaching and prayer ministry.

Family Friendly worship

Our Sunday Worship service will be inclusive of all ages from children to seniors. The style of the services will draw from the deep resources of the Anglican Tradition and include:

  • Times of fun, energy and participation.
  • Quieter times of reflection and prayer.
  • Blended musical style – to include a mix of contemporary praise songs and older hymns.
  • Music will be set at a volume that enables people to sing freely without being self-conscious.
  • Times where people of all ages are together in the service.
  • The space for children and young people to be themselves in Church.
  • Age-appropriate Sunday School programme for Children and Youth.
  • The service will be accessible in style for people who are new to church. We will explain what we are doing, and ensure all liturgy and responses are on the screen.
  • We gather for worship as the whole people of God, and leaders will continue a tradition of dressing informally to reflect this.
  • We will establish a volunteer system for the nursery, for children under 3, in 2017.

Equipped to Live the good news: Adults, children and youth growing as Whole-life disciples.

  • There will be a greater emphasis on equipping people to be a Christian disciple in their whole lives, in those places where God has placed us – our frontlines.
  • Lifegroups will be the primary midweek focus for discipleship, study and equipping for life.
  • There will be a weekly youth group for 11-18s to grow as disciples. In 2017/2018 it would be expected that the group will be of a sufficient size to split into Junior/Senior Youth.
  • We will empower and equip the whole church to provide pastoral care for each other, through Lifegroups and informally. This will be supported by appropriate pastoral resources and support.
  • We will provide training on equipping for prayer, bible-reading, sharing faith and serving ministries.
  • We will run annual opportunities fairs to help people explore new ways to serve in church life that helps us grow as a Christians.
  • We will look, from 2018, to run Vacation Bible Schools or similar events for children, seniors, families and adults. These might be week-long or one-day events.

Sharing the good news of our faith in Jesus Christ

  • We will encourage opportunities to share stories and testimonies of answered prayer with each other.
  • We will run a series that provides equipping for how to share our faith.
  • We will run social and community events 4 times a year that people can invite friends, neighbours, co-workers and family to. These may include spring/fall fair, Summer events, Pancake day, or events connected with major festivals. 2017.
  • We will offer regular church services and concerts where people can invite those they know who are interested in exploring faith. We will continue to run Baby Cafe weekly, and will only begin new projects where there is a need.
  • By 2018 we will give 5% of our income to specific church-supported projects that we work with in less developed countries.
  • We will increase our support and involvement for meeting the social needs of our community through initiatives such as the community supper, clothing swaps, downsizing furniture exchanges, the foodbank and community scholarships. We will look to be involved and support the Birds Nest project in Maple Ridge. In 2017 we will move towards assigning 5% of our income to these various forms of local work. We will look for ways to be active in blessing our local community.
  • We will develop our church gardens in 2018/19 to be a space of welcome for children and adults to play/pray there, perhaps with an accessible prayer walk.